Studio Essence is a fusion of Pole, Aerial and fitness with a friendly welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Our studio is based in the newly built Oaktree Park in Highbridge.

We offer group lessons, birthday, stag & hen parties, and private lessons upon request.

Adult lessons

Our lessons are structured to ensure our students get the maximum benefit from their time at Studio Essence. Classes always start with a warm up to ensure your body is prepared for the class ahead and end with a cool down to prevent injury as well as aid recovery. We have our own syllabus from which our classes are taught, this ensures that you learn your chosen discipline in a progressive manner safely whilst building your strength and stamina as you go. 

Group classes not your thing? No problem! We also offer private lessons in all of our disciplines. These are also beneficial for those wanting some extra help with skills they are working on in class. Please contact the studio to discuss your requirements if you would like a private lesson. Dates and times will be arranged and agreed on an individual basis

Workshops in different disciplines are offered throughout the year. These are longer than our standard classes and can be used to compliment skills you will have learnt in our structured classes. Our booking system will give you more in-depth information regarding any pre-requisites needed to attend them.

Open Training sessions are offered regularly. These sessions are a great opportunity for students to work on skills they’ve learnt in class, practice for events like our annual showcase and photoshoots or just for an excuse to socialise with others. An Instructor is always on hand during the sessions however they are not there to teach students.


Beginner - Advance


Beginner - Advance


Beginner - Intermediate


Beginner - Intermediate

Stretch & Flex

Open training

As well as workshops in specialised areas; pole heels, pole & hoop flow, pole silks to name a few, check out the booking system to see what’s planned for the coming weeks.

Class Passes

We offer 3 different class passes:

Perfect for 1 class a week over 4 weeks £50

Perfect for 2 classes a week over 4 weeks £80

Perfect for 3 classes a week over 4 weeks £100

We do also offer drop in classes which are £15

Children’s lessons

In 2022 we introduced regular term time kids classes to Studio Essence, which has been brilliant.

We teach 2 types of children’s classes:

Mini circus: ages 5-9

Mini circus we have lots of aerial equipment set up and the children learn new moves and sequences on each piece of equipment each week. Our main focus is exploring, play and growing confidence.

Junior hoop: ages 10-15

Junior hoop we focus on aerial hoop, learning lots of tricks, spins, building strength and linking moves together. The end of each term we invite parents & guardians into the studio to watch a routine the instructor has choreographed which we have learnt during the class towards the end of term. This is a lovely way to mark the children’s progress.