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Frequently Asked Questions

Pole: We want you to feel as comfortable so for beginners joggers/trousers you can roll up are fine for the first few lessons. After that shorts are a benefit, skin sticks! And a comfortable top is fine.

Please avoid using body lotions or oils before class as these transfer onto the poles making them slippery.

Aerial: You want your legs covered so leggings are perfect. If you are just starting out on the hoop we’d also recommend long leg warmers to give the back of your knees a bit more protection.

Participants must be at least 16 years old to take part. There is no upper age limit. Anyone can participate no matter what age, gender, size or shape.

If you have had a baby we ask you wait 6 weeks before starting if you have had a natural delivery and 10 weeks if you’ve had a cesarean section.

No. We ask you to take off any rings, bracelets and watches. As they can scratch and tear the poles and aerial equipment and they will also scratch your jewellery.

We advise you don’t start if you are pregnant. If you are already a student and find out you are pregnant please speak to your instructor. This will be in total confidence. Poling & participating in aerial hoop while pregnant is an individual decision.

Yes of course, your strength grows with you through your pole/hoop journey.

Not at all. We do however regular run a weekly Stretch & Flex classes which does compliment any pole and aerial training.

Not necessarily. Get in touch with us and we will assess your level and advise which class we think would be most suitable for you.

It not only depends on your skill level but other factors; how long ago did you do it, are you still training at home.

In a normal timetabled class we have 5-6 poles, and 2 to a pole. We currently have 5 aerial hoops and 2 to a hoop.

We welcome phones into the studio to take photos and videos of yourself. Documenting your journey can really help you see your progression. We do ask for your phone to be on silent and if you need to take a phone call you step outside the studio to minimise disruption.

There is plenty of parking in the business park along the fence.

You are welcome to message us through the Facebook page , message on the student group or email Sam on: