About Us

We are a team of passionate instructors keen to pass on our love for all things pole and aerial.
Studio Essence offers people the opportunity to get fitter, healthier and stronger in a different and more dynamic way, a complete change from your standard workout. We take great pride in offering everyone the chance to try pole and aerial classes. We love the way our students always support each other and seeing the friendships that form because of this.
Studio Essence welcomes everyone and gives all a chance to join the Studio Essence family.

We have a great variety of classes and training sessions.  Our classes are suitable for all levels and we have categorised them in a way that no matter what your experience you will find a class that is suitable for your level of experience.

If you are unsure what class is suitable for you, have an initial consultation with one of our experienced instructors and they can advise what class is suitable for you or you can have a private lesson to assess your level. We always want to make sure that the class is at the appropriate level, so that you get the most out of each and every lesson.

Studio Essence started life as Pole Essence, which focussed on pole dancing classes. Pole Essence became Studio Essence as we wanted to create more opportunities for people to break away from normal ways of exercising and staying fit, and offer more alternatives not just pole dancing. The name needed to change to show that we had more on offer than just pole dancing classes so Studio Essence was born in 2016.  Studio Essence began offering aerial classes, as well as pole classes.

Studio Essence offers a fusion of Pole, Aerial and fitness with a friendly welcoming atmosphere. Our custom built studio is based in the newly constructed Oaktree Business Park in Highbridge.

We are very proud of our studio. Studio Essence is quickly becoming the coolest and most fun place to get fit with pole and aerial in Somerset with a great mixture of instructors and sessions. We boast 8 aerial slings, 8 aerial hoops, 8 aerial silks, 8 competitions x-poles and lots of cool flexibility equipment, mood lighting, safety mats in abundance, a comfy waiting area, a brand new kitchenette and an AWESOME atmosphere.

The custom built studio has been specifically designed in order to give everyone the best pole dancing or aerial experience there is.

Everyone is welcome and we want all to see it as their second home. Their happy place!

Meet the Team

Our team is passionate about what we do and we love to pass this on to our students in a safe, inclusive and structured environment. You won’t find a better place to start your Pole and aerial journey.
We have an amazing mixture of pole and aerial instructors who all complement each other and Studio Essence. We pride ourselves on being the best we can possibly be and all our instructors are certified by Spin City and/or XPERT and train regularly to keep up with ongoing trends in their chosen disciplines.

Sam Smith

Owner & Head instructor

Sam teaches everything, pole, aerial, heels, kids, flexibility. Due to Sam’s love of everything associated with Studio Essence she has many certifications teaching a bit of everything.

Zoe Recardo

Pole instructor

Zoe is our amazingly talented elite pole instructor that has been part of Studio Essence since the very beginning, 2012. Zoe trains hard and goes out her way to find new and interesting moves to pass onto her students. The queen of combos.

Roxy Morison

Pole & Aerial sling instructor

Roxy has been practicing pole with Studio Essence since 2016 after wanting to find a new and fun way to get healthier. As soon as she started pole classes, she was hooked and now the Studio is her second home. By day you will find her grooming dogs and the rest of the time she is usually doing something pole related either at the Studio or at home. Heels classes are definately her favourite however she loves all aspects of pole and has recently branched out to the aerial side with Aerial Sling. Roxy has been teaching since 2019 and loves seeing her students progress and build their confidence along the way! Certified in Beginner and Intermediate Pole, Pole Silks, Stretch and Flex and Aerial Sling.

Kelly Emery

Pole & Aerial hoop & sling instructor

Kelly has been with Studio Essence for 6 years starting her pole journey and started aerial shortly after and has absolutely fallen in love with it all. Although an all-rounder, Kelly’s main focus is aerial and loves coming up with chorography which she teaches in workshops and enjoys all elements of dance and fitness. Kelly also has involvement with the admin side of things, Sam’s right hand woman!

Elaine Fraschini

Aerial hoop & Sling instructor

Elaine started her Studio Essence journey in 2020 having previously trained with Flying Fantastic in London, trying her hand at a variety of aerial disciplines including hoop, silks, static trapeze and most recently slings. Elaine loves trying new classes and expanding her aerial knowledge to share this with her students.

Megan Qua

Pole Instructor

Meg started her pole journey with Studio Essence in 2019 falling in love with the sport. She loved pole so much she then started aerial hoop in 2022 and she hasn’t looked back! She started pole as she wanted a workout that was different and exciting, not your standard gym workout. For her exercise should be fun, and that’s exactly what she gets across in her classes.

Meg loves the Studio Essence promotion of inclusivity, and in her words has done wonders for own self confidence and mental well-being, and wants to help others build the same level of confidence and well-being she has built since being part of the Studio Essence family.